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Swamp Thang

This is a party lawn prop I built up for a Halloween party in 1992. Its still usable today and worries my dogs to no end! For a few years my neighbor started calling it the great Cow God, because his catttle kept getting out of his pasture, and would stand around the base of the prop! No Kidding! We think it was due to the tall grass - good munching for cows, but my neighbor isnt so sure...
My wife reminded me of another name we used, "The Great ScareCow". It didn't scare the cows, but sounded funny, anyway....

Look here for Swamp Thang Plans .

The Great Swamp Thang
Add a lot of fog and a couple of colored floodlights,
and blue light bulbs for eyes, and you've got a serious yard decoration for Halloween!

The daytime view of Swamp Thang.
Its over 18 feet tall, and has a 20 foot arm-span!



Emilio Marcos built a version of Swamp Thang that included the Big Hands!
"Just wanted to sent you a photo of how we used your ideas. I built the Swamp Thang at a total of 15 feet high and instead of the wing span of 20 feet I made shoulders and arms out of 1 1/4 pvc pipe to fit your hands. Then used black painted pipe to lift the hands up in the air. Looked great in the front yard. "




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