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The Egg Strobe

The egg strobe got that name from their shape, basically looking like an egg on the top. The top is a plastic lens where the stobe light flashes. It has a light bulb base on on the bottom that screws directly into a standard light bulb outlet. They were originally designed for discos as ceiling flashers. I like the ones with the speed adjustment knob. They sell from $12-$18 in different stores. I got mine from a catalog, J and R Music World in New York. If I remember right, they were $13.00 each (but that was a while ago!).

Also, there's www.cheaplights.com who have the best price I've found! Look for "Strobes", then look for the Egg Strobes. They're online catalog is terrible to navigate, here's a direct link to the page www.cheaplights.com strobe page. The link should take you directly to the right page, if not, go to www.cheaplights.com, and look for their page on strobelights. Their product name is "STR-EGG".


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