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More Spider Ideas


Spider Making idea from Chris

Every year me and my mom make these spiders.
What you need.

1. Garbage bag
2. Electrical tape(lots)
3. Newspaper
4. Coat hangers
5. Wire cutters

Step 1
Reach inside the garbage bag and tie in corners to get rounded edges. Then stuff really good with newspaper.

Tie bag shut. take electrical tape and form a ball with end of bag to form the head. Use almost 1 roll of tape to cover the entire body and make it sturdy.

Step 3
Cut coat hangers and shape them like spider legs. Poke them into body an cover them in peices of garbage bag. Then simply nailgun or tack them to your house make a few of these and put them on yor roof and everywhere and it looks awesome.



Thoughts on Spider Construction from Bob Spong

How about using conuit or pvc inside the legs? Both can be bent rather easily. PVC needs to be heated, use an electric Bar-B-Q starter and don't touch the PVC to the heating element. It will go limp if heated evenly, and set up in a few minutes again. Once it's cooled, i gets rigid again.
For 1/2" thinwall conduit, cut out two, five inch diamiter circles, and stack them edges lined up. Use a metal strapping tape, (the kind plumbers use to hang pipe from rafters, use about a foot of strap,) and bend it in a U shape.
The curved part of the U is where you insert the pipe. Nail the strap into the plywood, making sure that each "leg" of the U is on either side of the plywood, AND that you can insert 1/2" conduit in it.
Now use two 6" square pieces of plywood and locate the round plywood pieces in the center of one square. Place the other square lined up the bottom square, nail it together top and bottom.
Use a short length of 2x4 and use lag bolts to bolt the plywood sandwich to the 2" side of the 2x4.
NOTE! Try and space the lag bolts so they are not further apart than your vice is wide. The vice not only steadies the bender firmly, but also keeps the lag bolts from sprintering the wood when you use the bender. Space the lag bolts at lest 1" closer than the width of the
Clamp the bender firmly into the vise. Insert the conduit into the strapping tape, leaving about 1" protruding past the strap and gradually bend the conduit around the bender. The square chunks of plywood actually guides the pipe, and the strap prevents the pipe from slipping around.
You can make a 3/4" version but the radius of the circle is larger, and I forget the size. (you can check the radius when you go to Home Depot, or where ever.) You will also have to beef up the strap by doubling the thickness.




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