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The Body Slinger

The Levers

The following drawings illustrate the construction of the levers used in the slinger. They show both before the air cylinder is activated and after the cylinder is activiated.

The basic mechanism I used is a two-arm (four-bar) lever arrangement. Using two arms gives you the ability to raise a prop relatively straight up, avoiding an arc. This is a very handy design for pop-ups. Its used everywhere!


Changing the length of either arm relative to the other dramatically changes the angle of the prop on the end. The drawing above shows a longer top arm.


This shows the top arm a bit shorter than the bottom arm. This is the idea I worked with.


The Body

The body at the end of the arms can be built out of any lightweight material. I used PVC pipe. Here is the two designs I used.

Bottom Pivots

What's not shown very well is the body is made of 1/2" PVC pipe, and the lever arms are made of 3/4" PVC. The 'pivots' are places where the 1/2" pipe slips through the 3/4" pipe, making a simple pivot point.

Top Pivots

Whats different in the top pivots is that the body is 1/2" PVC, and the arms are slightly smaller 1/2" CPVC (note the "C" in CPVC). The CPVC easily slips into PVC fittings of the same size.... really!.

A two-legged version worked great, but I wanted to reduce weight and part count, so I built up a 'one-legged' version.

This guy is much lighter and works just as well!




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