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Hockey Mask Guy Plans

The hockey mask guy is a simple, rugged prop. Basically he consists of a 2x4 frame, chicken wire filler, a styrofoam wig head, green coveralls, some wire, a really big knife, and of course the mask. To build him you need:

  • 4 to 6 - 8' 2x4s
  • scrap plywood pieces
  • old coveralls
  • a wig head
  • black cloth (about 2 feet square)
  • a hockey mask
  • a really big knife (or other desired implement)
  • 6 feet of 12 (or 14) guage wire
  • screws, lag bolts, glue (or caulk), staples, woodworking tools

The Frame

Cut two 2x4s to the height you want the prop. I cut mine to about 6 feet (hey, he's a big guy!). Cut another piece of 2x4 to the width of the shoulders, about 2 feet. Much larger and you won't be able to fit the coveralls over him. Cut two more pieces of 2x4 about 2 feet long. The make the 'feet' that keep him upright. You may want to make feet that fit into shoes, but my intent was to hide the feet wherever I placed him. Anyway, I made one arm straight, and the other angled. The straight arm is a piece of 2x4 about 3 feet long. The angled arm consists of two pieces of 2x4 each about 1.5 feet long. Cut one end of each piece at a slight angle. This makes the elbow bend. I used 1/4" lag bolts to secure the arm together, but long screws will work, too.

Shaping the Body

Assemble the legs and shoulders with 1/4" lag bolts (or long screws). Do not put the arms or 'feet' on yet. Use screws to attach a piece of scrap plywood as a brace between the legs at about the belly level. Using chicken wire, form a basic body shape around the shoulders, chest, belly and arms. There are several ways to do this, either by making a cylinder of chicken wire or by making an arch then attaching the wire to the 2x4s with screws or staples. Any method that works for you is the right one!

Once you have the legs and shoulders together, slip on the coveralls. This may take a while, so go slow. After the coveralls are on, slip the arms in through the sleeves, then attach them to the shoulders with lag bolts or screws.

Next attach the 'feet' by screwing on a 2 foot piece of 2x4 to the bottom of each leg. Add a scrap piece of plywood as a brace to keep the entire prop from falling.

I attached the wig head by first putting at 1/4" lag bolt into the shoulders to act as a post. Then I used a generous amount of silicone caulk to fill the hole in the neck of the wig head. The head was pushed onto the lag bolt. Note: you can use hot glue, too!

Use a piece of black cloth to cover the head and neck, and either staple or tack on with hot glue.

Then, add the mask! Tilting the mask to one side makes him look creepier....

The Hands

Make the hands out of some 12 or 14 guage electrical wire. Cut a piece about 3 feet long. Be sure to leave about a 6" 'wrist' to attach to the end of the arm. Use your hand as a guide to shape the fingers. A rough approximation is great! After you get the fingers bent, attach the wired ends to the 2x4 arm. I slipped on a worn-out pair of work gloves. This gives you a bendable hand to pose as you want.

NOTE: If you want to add the really big knife, add another loop of wire attached to the 2x4 specifically fitted to hold the knife (or desired implement of destruction). The wire hand doesn't have alot of power to hold implements.

Scare Somebody!

I have put him beside the driveway, on the deck, in the garage, even on top of the roof. He has survived rain, wind, sleet, snow and ice. Remember, if he gets wet, be sure he dries out before he is stored!

That's it! You know have a posable, durable prop to scare trick-or-treaters, dogs, and delivery persons! Enjoy!



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